Consulting and Advisory Services


Business World Rising provides a one-stop solution for organizational transformation. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and we develop customized solutions to meet our clients’ needs. We take pride in enabling our clients to achieve their business objectives in the shortest time possible and we encourage them to build the internal capability that will enable them to take long term program ownership.

Business World Rising specializes in:

  • Organizational transformation
  • Infinite-Win Leadership strategy development
  • Mentorship program design and development
  • Gender, generational and cultural engagement and vitality programs

Our practical, “how-to” guidance enables our clients to leverage their own unique strengths to move to the next level of employee recruitment, development, retention and advancement of top talent. Moreover, our customized, top-down approach enables our clients to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage through the creation of a more inclusive workplace. Our solutions are based on proven organizational practices that we have uncovered through our member relationships and other Consulting and Advisory Services engagements.

For complex projects, our consultants will typically perform a scoping assessment to clearly define your organization’s business objectives, project requirements and desired outcomes. We start each engagement by investigating the client’s unique business case and rationale for the initiative.

As a result, your organization will receive a planning document which will include our proposed methodology, possible alternative approaches and a cost benefit assessment. This planning document may be used to assess and compare alternative solutions or it may serve as a roadmap to enable you to implement the solution using your own in-house resources.

When you engage Business World Rising’s expert Consulting and Advisory resources, you can rest assured that we will be accountable for delivering the highest quality services and results. We can help you establish baseline metrics and we will define an agreed-upon set of performance objectives at the beginning of your engagement. Your Account Manager will meet with you along the way to assess progress to plan.

At the conclusion of each engagement, you will receive an accounting of measurable results and we will conduct a client satisfaction survey. No client will be left in doubt about the return on their investment.


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