Women in Environment Health & Safety Series

Business Women Rising is pleased to announce a new leadership development webinar and workshop series specifically tailored for women in Environmental Health & Safety.

Free Webinar: Appreciating Your Value to Leverage Your Influence

We all appreciate recognition for our efforts, but have you ever stopped to think about the importance of recognizing yourself? Self-appreciation is the most powerful kind because no one can take that away. And, let’s face it, often in our jobs we feel alone, so being able to tap into this powerful inner resource is vital to keep us going. Many of us are conditioned to recognize the contributions of others and minimize our own. There is nothing wrong with sharing the credit with others. In fact, there is a wise saying that one of the signs of great leadership is that people often feel they did it themselves without help from the leader. However, any strength can be carried to excess, leaving us stressed out and de-energized. This seminar will focus on how to establish our credibility and get noticed for our contributions in a way that supports our professional goals and gives us more leverage and positive energy!

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Appreciating Your Value to Leverage Your Influence

The process begins with knowing who we are and the value of our own contributions. Making others aware of our strengths is balanced by also recognizing where we need to improve and then asking others for their help and expert advice.

Our NEW Appreciating Your Value to Leverage Your Influence webinar is strongly recommended for any woman in EHS who feels the need to increase her visibility, advance her career, or simply increase her power to effectively influence others. This FREE one-hour webinar will help you:

  • Understand the challenges women have with talking about their strengths and accomplishments
  • Gain awareness of the most common limiting beliefs that hold women back
  • Identify several strengths that many women have, yet overlook in themselves
  • Take away specific tips on how to leverage your strengths in conversations and meetings

Register today and learn how to articulate your value with credibility and confidence!

Trainer Bios:

Rosa Carrillo has held highly acclaimed workshops for women of EHS at many companies and organizations including Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Johnson & Johnson companies, ASSE and the VPPPA.

Cheryl Archer is Managing Director of Business Women Rising, a leadership development firm dedicated to the advancement of women in leadership. A former COO and CEO in the motor sports manufacturing industry, Cheryl has led highly successful EHS programs in North America, Europe and beyond.

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