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The Vistas Advantage Journal


This Vistas Advantage Journal is intended to help you to focus on your goals, success and leadership.  Your Vistas Advantage Journal is intended to be dynamic.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how your ability to cope with issues improves, your problem solving skills are sharpened and your leadership skills blossom...

  Comments by Oprah on journaling and why she is a devout supporter of journalling:
  “I've been journaling since I was 15. It's a testament to growth and grace that I've come this far.”
  “In my 40s, I got wiser. I started using journals to express my gratitude—and watched my blessings multiply. What you focus on expands.”
  “It's astonishing to be able to track your own evolution—who I was, who I'm still becoming.”

This 165 page book defines a structured process for using journalling to systematically improve your leadership abilities. It combines both education and a hands-on method of putting to use the lessons presented. The Table of Contents:

Introduction 1
Journaling - A Beneficial Tool 3
State of You 9
The Power of "Thank You" 15
Alliance Building 21
What Are You Waiting For?  (Click for a peek inside) 27
Successful Leaders (I) 33
Successful Leaders (II) 39
Meaningful Meeting Management 45
What Do You Expect? 51
Motivating Others Through a Sense of Urgency 57
Leadership In Matrices 63
Difficult People 69
Leadership Roles 75
Being Politically Savvy 81
For Goodness Sakes - Ask! 85
Self-Sabotage 89
Can You Hear Me Now? 93
Beyond First Impressions 97
Your Interpersonal Influence 101
Dynamic Presentations and Public Speaking 105
Aligning Your Career Strategy With Your Company's Strategy 111
Control versus Influence 115
You've Got To Have Confidence 119
Network And Then Network Some More 123
Listening 127
Just Saying 131
Success Defined 135
G-O-A-L -S!! 141
A Lot of Small Steps 147
Board of Directors of YOU 151
Next 157


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ISBN 978-0615565279