Facilitation Services


Business World Rising offers an unparalleled team of Fortune 100-trained facilitators who can guide your executives, managers, project teams and new team leaders to generate better ideas, and make the best decisions possible as you build synergy and strengthen team cohesion.

If you are concerned that an upcoming meeting may be tough, contentious or otherwise complex, our expert facilitators can help ensure that your meeting is productive and successful. We can help your team break through log jams and quickly achieve desired results.

Our Facilitation Services include:

  • New Leader Assimilation – Designed to assimilate a new manager into a new department / culture quickly and successfully, this best-practice program typically includes four days of on-site assimilation facilitation, conducted over the course of three months. This proven program can help you:
    • Build your direct reports' understanding of your strengths, style, needs and aspirations
    • Clarify the expectations you have of each other
    • Motivate your direct reports
    • Foster individual and team learning and development
    • Build mutual trust between you and your direct reports
    • Discuss and gain alignment to business goals and define steps to achieve them.
  • Meeting Facilitation – With a focus on developing a meeting agenda that will achieve your goals, our meeting facilitator will work with you and your team before the meeting to clearly define the purpose and desired outcomes of the meeting. Our expert facilitators can help you:
    • Identify any needed information that will help attendees prepare for a productive event.
    • Produce the agenda and arrange the meeting logistics that will set the stage and create the optimal environment for a successful event.
    Aimed at driving engagement, collaboration and productivity, our trained facilitator will professionally and respectfully moderate your meeting to ensure that all attendees participate and contribute, but not dominate the meeting. Following the meeting, you and your team will receive a report that contains the output of the meeting.
  • Graphic Recording – Harnesses the power of conversation by organizing and synthesizing complex ideas into a tapestry of words and images. Our graphic recording specialists can lead your organization on a journey of discovery and learning, to help them notice what’s possible and perform at their best. Our graphic recording services can help you and your team:
    • Improve the quality of relationships
    • Focus intentions and actions on what matters
    • Make meaningful connections that foster learning and excellence
    • Weave patterns of meaning that can transform brainstorming sessions and exploratory dialogs into knowledge, insights and action.
  • With Business World Rising facilitation services…Success just got easier!