Women in Safety Health & Environment (SH&E) Series


Business Women Rising is pleased to announce a new leadership development webinar and in our leadership workshop series specifically tailored for women in SH&E entitled: “Know Your Value: A Game Changer for Women in SH&E”

  • Are you comfortable talking about your accomplishments?
  • Do you have a clear idea of your non-negotiables?
  • How much time do you spend networking and creating a supportive circle of professionals around you?
  • Are you willing to walk away from a non-win situation?
  • What are you known for? What is your brand or niche?

These were questions at a recent gathering of Women in Safety Engineering. We asked ourselves, “Who is responsible for our success?” The resounding answer was, “We are!”

Many of us are conditioned to recognize the contributions of others and minimize our own. There is nothing wrong with sharing the credit with others. There is a wise saying that one of the signs of great leadership is that people often feel they did it themselves without help from the leader. However, any strength can be carried to excess leaving us stressed out and deenergized. This webinar will focus on how to establish our credibility and get noticed for our contributions in a way that supports our professional goals and gives us more leverage and positive energy!

August 13, 2013

8:00 to 9:00 AM PST / 11:00 to noon EST

The process begins with knowing who we are and the value of our own contributions. Making others aware of our strengths is balanced by also recognizing where we need to improve and then asking others for their help and expert advice.

Our NEW “Know Your Value: A Game Changer for Women in SH&E” webinar is strongly recommended for any woman in SH&E who feels the need to increase her visibility, advance her career, or simply increase her power to effectively influence others.

The three women professionals hosting this seminar have been there, done that. Their tips and stories are real and they work! If you want to be more effective in getting your points across, join us!

Register today and learn how others influence with credibility and confidence!

Trainer Bios:

Cheryl Archer, MAOM is Managing Director of Business Women Rising, a leadership development firm dedicated to the advancement of women in leadership. A former COO and CEO in the motor sports manufacturing industry, Cheryl has led highly successful EHS programs in North America, Europe and beyond.

Kelly Bernish, ASP/COSS is president of Global SHE Solutions, Founding Member and past Chairperson of WISE, former SH&E leader at Sea World Parks, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, and Anheuser-Busch.

Rosa Carrillo, MSOD has held highly acclaimed workshops for women of EHS at many companies and organizations including Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Johnson & Johnson companies, ASSE and the VPPPA.

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