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Business World Rising can help make your dreams become reality, by offering you the opportunity for:

  • Financial freedom
  • A flexible schedule
  • New friends
  • More personal and professional success

It's so easy to get started....

  • Attend a Leadership Vistas meeting to see for yourself what Business World Rising is all about...and apply the guest enrollment fee to your initial certification fee.
  • There's no upfront business investment or franchise fees to pay. A simple $299 Initial Certification Fee covers all the materials you need to get your business started.

And it gets even better....

  • Pay $0 for your Initial Certification Fee if you are the first Founding Representative in your major metropolitan area.
  • Once you are a certified representative, you can attend the inspirational, educational and highly motivational Leadership Vistas Exchange events for free!

When you are ready to get started with this transformational business opportunity, simply contact Business World Rising, or your local BW Rising Representative.

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