Inclusive Leadership Development


Enabling leaders at all levels to build stronger organizations that foster inclusion, mentorship and collaboration between genders, cultures and generations.

Appreciative Leadership – Offered a over series of two full or four half days.

Every person and every organization has the potential to make positive contributions to our world. But that potential needs to be recognized and developed so that life-affirming results can be achieved. Appreciative Leadership involves relational processes and practices that help people come together and accomplish both personal and business goals. This workshop is designed to provide a transformational approach to leadership by developing a positive orientation to your organizational environment. Participants will get the tools necessary to use Appreciative Leadership within their own organization. Topics include:

  • Identifying your own individual strengths
  • Developing your own personal approach to positive leadership
  • Increasing your ability to bring out the best in people and organizations
  • Embracing and using diversity to improve team performance
  • Enhancing your organization's capacity for innovation and productivity
  • Embracing the unique talents and strengths of each individual
  • Appreciating the commonalities and differences of the genders, cultures, generations
  • Building a culture of appreciative leadership

Creating an Inclusive Environment - 1 day session

An organization that not only values inclusion but creates an inclusive environment is better able to overcome the obstacles encountered in today’s business environment. This seminar is designed to help participants learn to leverage the differences within their organizations and utilize those differences to create more productive and profitable organizations. Topics include:

  • Gender differences (how YOU think is not necessarily how others think)
  • Gender commonalities
  • Cultural differences and similarities
  • Generational differences and similarities
  • The impact of the gender, cultural, generational overlay

Developing A Mentoring Environment - a 1/2 day session

Mentoring can be used as a valuable tool to develop employees and can aid in career advancement of individuals and help organizations with succession planning. The value of mentoring will be explored along with the roles of mentors and mentees. Participants will identify and discuss the value of mentoring and the importance of organizational support for a mentoring program. Topics include:

  • Who makes the best mentors?
  • How to identify potential mentors and proteges
  • How to build a mentoring relationship
  • Mentoring men / mentoring women
  • Generational differences and commonalities
  • How to get the most out of the relationship
  • How to serve as a mentor to others

Generational Diversity - a customizable session

Today’s workforce includes four generations, each with unique strengths, values, expectations, motivations and definitions of success. This seminar explores techniques for motivating and engaging all the generations represented in an organization and how to create a working environment in which all the generations interact effectively and successfully with each other. Topics include:

  • Demographic birth curves and basic generational differences
  • Benefits and limitations to a generational perspective on human capital
  • Generational cohorts as customers
  • How generational engagement drives business innovation and success
  • Organizational transformation that meets generational and business needs NOW

Understanding How Technological Changes Can Impact Revenue - a customizable session

This is an essential workshop for any business that needs to stay one step ahead of its competition and wants to remain successful in a rapidly changing environment. Topics include:

  • Three technology trends every leader needs to know
  • Why generational diversity is directly connected to technological success drivers
  • Connecting technological and demographic changes to business goals
  • Identifying challenges and obstacles to technological changes before they impact productivity
  • How to maximize technology and minimize interpersonal friction
  • Keys to successfully transforming your business in an increasingly dynamic technologically and demographically driven environment

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