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Highlights of the Winter Vista conference

Highlights of the Winter Vista conference

Highlights of the Summer Vista conference


Leadership Vistas


The Leadership Vistas program is a membership-based peer-to-peer mentoring forum for high potential and high achieving leaders, facilitated by an executive coach / trainer, where leaders at similar levels on the professional and management career ladder can collaborate in confidential, small group settings that provide education, networking, candid problem solving, and an exchange of business ideas and management tools to accelerate career success.

Under the Business World Rising brand, Leadership Vistas are designed to accelerate the development of more self-aware, high-potential and high-achieving men and women by enabling them to develop the collaborative leadership skills and gender-savvy needed to attain one's fullest career potential while delivering more impactful business results to the employer. Each Vista chapter is limited in size to ensure the highest level of participation and interaction among the members.

While our Business Women Rising division offers gender-specific tracks, all Business World Rising Leadership Vistas chapters are coed, with an intentionally balanced, mixed-gender membership specifically designed to foster inclusion, heighten awareness and appreciation of gender tendencies, enhance collaboration between genders and maximize diversity of thought. As leaders become increasingly enlightened within their specific tracks, members of all chapters within the local region will come together for a vibrant exchange of ideas between genders and generations during our Summer and Winter Vista Exchange events.

During a typical forum meeting, guest speakers and members together explore how gender can influence perceptions, relationships and business dialogs. In this way, the members have the opportunity to consider and appreciate the impacts of gender differences and similarities. Members come away with an improved ability to proactively modify their approach so that they can interact more effectively within and beyond their organizations.

The Vistas programs are enhanced through the use of the Vistas Advantage Journal, which can be purchased here.

Business Women Rising

Vista programs designed especially for women leaders can be accessed by clicking here.