Women in Environmental Health & Safety Series

Business Women Rising is pleased to announce a new leadership development webinar and workshop series specifically tailored for women in Environmental Health & Safety.

Free Webinar: Managing Conflict for Infinite-Win® Results

Our work environment inevitably creates conflict situations on a daily basis. Conflict can be about the work (e.g. my approach versus yours, schedules, priorities) or about relationships (e.g. I don’t trust you, your style is different than mine). Conflict can be a source of creative solutions... but only if people understand both the value of conflict and how to resolve it. Join us to learn how you naturally respond to conflict and how you can leverage conflict for infinite-win outcomes.

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Managing Conflict for Infinite-Win Results

Now be honest ... not one woman in EHS can honestly say they don't experience conflict with co- workers and business associates. Do you understand the cause of conflicts in starting new programs, implementing solutions or finishing projects? If you're concerned with these questions ... or your response to these questions ... you're not alone.

Our NEW Managing Conflict for Infinite-Win® Results webinar is strongly recommended for any woman in EHS who faces more work in less time and higher expectations from top management.

This FREE one-hour webinar will help you assess and identify effective ways to make conflict work for you! You'll learn how to:

  • Acknowledge your own contribution to conflict
  • Identify strategies to effectively deal with conflict
  • How to get Infinite-Win results

Register today and handle conflict with confidence!

Trainer Bios:

Rosa Carrillo has held highly acclaimed workshops for women of EHS at many companies and organizations including Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Johnson & Johnson companies, ASSE and the VPPPA.

Deb Boelkes founded Business Women Rising, a leadership development firm dedicated to the advancement of women in leadership. Long referred to as “The Queen of Green”, Deb has championed global-scale environmental compliance initiatives for Fortune 500 high tech firms.

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