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The Art of Negotiating and Influencing - 1-day workshop

To accomplish our jobs we need to influence others. We can influence using positive approaches or negative strategies. In this session, participants will assess and identify the influence and negotiation strategies they tend to use most. A model for influence planning will be introduced and participants will use it to prepare for an upcoming situation where they need to influence someone. Participants will leave the workshop with a tool kit of strategies for influencing as well as a plan of action for becoming a better influencer and negotiator. Topics include:

  • Defining power and influence
  • Influencing strategies self-assessment instrument
  • The influence model
  • Examining the styles and behaviors associated with influencing
  • Using the various influencing strategies
  • Stages of negotiation
  • Planning for a negotiation
  • Create a personal action plan to become more effective at negotiating and influencing

Collaborating Within The Politics - a 3/4 day workshop

Most of us encounter politics in situations every day. Understanding and being able to collaborate with others and create alliances within the politics of any organization is a key success skill we must all master. This session is designed to provide you with strategies to creating alliances, identifying and understanding potential allies and developing our interpersonal influence effectiveness. You will leave the workshop with an action plan to use specific tools and techniques to handle a politically-charged situation successfully.

Collaborating Within The Politics is specifically designed to hone your influencing skills. You will learn more about:

  • The components necessary to be politically savvy
  • Building an alliance mindset
  • Identifying and understanding your potential allies
  • Developing a success strategy for a real, politically-charged situation

Finance for Non-Financial Managers – may be delivered as a 1-day workshop or two half-day workshops

Every successful manager needs to understand finance and how companies make money. This highly interactive workshop connects participants to every aspect of finance starting with personal finance. Participants use their own company’s financial information and gain practical knowledge of how to immediately improve their department’s ROI. Topics include:

  • Personal finance and how it relates to business finance
  • How to read and analyze financial statements
  • Financial ratios including return on investment analysis
  • How to make investment decisions and create a compelling business case presentation
  • Creating a valuable budget
  • How to identify critical success and risk factors
  • Increasing the value of any department

High Impact Presentation Skills – a customizable one-day or two half-day session.

Presentation and facilitation skills are very useful in many aspects of work and life and can transform a leader's professional and personal effectiveness. In this workshop you'll learn how to deliver your presentation with confidence, poise and impact. This course is recommended for anyone who needs to develop their presentation skills, speak in front of groups or sell ideas to others. Topics include:

  • Different types of presentations
  • Different roles of a facilitator
  • Presentation content and flow structure
  • Defining your objectives
  • Physical, verbal and non-verbal delivery skills
  • Adult learning styles
  • Common pitfalls of a presentation
  • Managing politics / dynamics of a group and strategies for a participatory environment
  • Dealing with a difficult audience
  • The high impact close

Managing Conflict – ½ day workshop

The work environment inevitably creates conflict situations. The conflicts can be about the work (e.g. my approach versus yours, schedules, priorities) or about the relationships (e.g. I don’t trust you, your style is different than mine). Conflict can be a source of creative solutions, but only if people understand both the value of conflict and how to resolve it. This workshop is designed to help participants understand how they naturally respond to conflict and to provide options to use for future conflicts. Participants will leave with specific strategies for managing conflict. Topics include:

  • Your own contribution to conflict
  • 5 response styles to conflict
  • Assessing your response style
  • Flexing your style to match the situation
  • Strategies for dealing with others in conflict
  • Conflict strategies and planning

Managing the Dynamics of Time - 1/2 day session

Where does the time go? It seems there are never enough hours in the day. In this session, participants will identify approaches that best match their time style. Exercises and discussion will help identify a variety of time tips. Participants will leave the workshop with specific tips for how they can use their time more effectively and reduce their stress. Topics include:

  • Identify your time challenges, styles and goals
  • Explore the four dynamics of time
  • Learn tips for dealing more effectively with time
  • Create a plan to increase your effective use of time.

Managing Up - 1/2 day session

One’s relationship with his/her manager is important to success. It’s important for individuals to think about their manager's perspective and his/her needs and priorities, as well the impact their manager has on them as an employee. In this session, exercises and discussion provide tips and ideas on how to work more effectively with one's manager. Participants will leave the workshop with a personal plan to manage up more effectively. Topics include:

  • Your managers role, needs and priorities
  • Accepting feedback graciously
  • Providing feedback up
  • Action plan for managing up

Mastering Business Networking - 1/2 day session

Networking is one of the most powerful tools in business. It’s a critical skill for anyone who wants to have a successful career. Yet many of us don’t network as well or as consistently as we need to. A key to effective networking is building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships. So, how do you do that? This session will provide tips and techniques as well as practice in a number of networking skills. Participants will leave the workshop with a plan for expanding their network. Topics include:

  • The value of networking
  • Powerful introductions
  • Preparing for networking
  • Expanding your current network
  • Articulating your unique value; what makes you different?
  • Your networking action plan

Mastering Public Speaking – a customizable one to two day session

Mastering Public Speaking is a unique opportunity to improve a key business and personal skill. Your effectiveness is measured by the self-confidence and professionalism you project in front of business associates, co-workers, and the general public—ultimately affecting your results. To maximize your presentation skills, you need to create and deliver logical content, tailored to the listener’s needs, which follows the listener’s train of thought. Mastering Public Speaking is a comprehensive, motivating program designed to improve the quality of the presentations you make on the job so you will be more successful in getting your ideas accepted and approved.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Use your energy in positive ways to burn off nervousness.
  • Analyze your audience prior to preparing your talk.
  • Identify how you are uniquely qualified to solve the problems of your listener.
  • Organize and create clear, concise content based on your audience’s concerns.
  • Practice the preparation, organization, and delivery of presentations.
  • Use strong, clear, relevant visuals with grace and control.
  • Handle questions and answers with confidence and control.
  • “Find the funny” in the stories behind your project, service, or product.

Power Tools 101 - a customizable two-day session or four 1/2-day sessions

Successful business leaders know how important it can be to leverage power and politics effectively. Yet, many talented men and women shy away from politics in the workplace. To their detriment, even highly competent professionals can fall short in their ability to understand the political nature of organizations and may lack the political savvy skills needed to advance their business agendas and their careers. While "playing politics" can have a negative connotation, mastery of political savvy can be critical to success. This insightful session will provide important tools that every astute business man and woman can use to become a more effective leader. This must-attend session will provide eye-opening, candid dialog on:

  • The role and importance of power and politics within organizations
  • Gender tendencies, stereotypes, prejudices and cultural norms
  • Factors that can undermine power
  • Factors that can build power
  • How to leverage power and politics effectively

Taking Control of your Career - one day session or two 1/2 day sessions

In the hustle-bustle of day-to-day work, we rarely take time to look at ourselves and understand who we are and where we are going. This session is designed to help participants do just that. Questions that participants will answer include: What are your strengths? What are your interests? What are your values and are you living them? Does your attitude need a checkup? What is your style and how does that serve you? And, how do the answers to these questions impact your career.? Participants will leave this session with a clearer picture of themselves and an action plan for moving forward in their career. Topics include:

  • Why define and develop career objectives?
  • What does success mean to you?
  • How are you seen by others?
  • Identifying your developmental needs
  • Developing your short term and long term plan
  • Managing your career plan

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