Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is there a franchise fee or is there a financial investment involved?

  • A: No, this is not a franchise, and there is no upfront financial investment involved other than the Initial Certification Fee.

Q: What kind of experience is required to become a BW Rising Representative?

  • A: There are no specific experience or educational requirements for Business World Rising Representatives, but the most successful representatives typically have at least 5 years experience in Business-to-Business Sales / Business Development, Corporate Management, and/or industry-related experience in either: Consulting, Learning & Development or Executive Education.

Q: Is this a full-time or a part-time job?

  • A: As a BW Rising Representative, you determine the amount of time you are willing to invest to make your business successful. You may elect to dedicate your efforts to selling BW Rising Leadership Development and Professional Services, or, at least initially, you may perform your own services as a business coach, for example, or sell other vendors' products and services to augment your business income.

Q: Can I work from my home office?

  • A: Of course! As an entrepreneur and independent Representative, you may elect to work from home or from an office that you maintain. Of course, you'll probably want to spend as much time as possible in face-to-face contact with your clients and potential customers.

Q: Will this business opportunity require a lot of travel?

  • A: No, you would typically be doing all of your work locally in your metropolitan area. Work locally, impact globally.

Q: Is it up to me to build and grow my territory or is there some sort of support?

  • A: While this is an entrepreneurial role, you will indeed have the support of the Business World Rising team to provide marketing support and professional mentorship. For those who are sponsored in by a BW Rising Representative, your sponsor will be vitally invested in your success and will serve as your personal sales coach. It is ultimately your own personal effort and dedication that will ensure your success.

Q: Can men sell Business Women Rising services, or is this portion of the business limited to female Representatives?

  • A: Men and women alike are equally welcomed and encouraged to sell the entire platform of Business World Rising and Business Women Rising services.

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