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The “Art of Influence” is the true heart of leadership. Regardless of whether you are a CEO, a first line manager or an emerging professional, honing effective influencing skills can be the key to success in business and beyond.


Have you ever thought about the way YOU influence others? Do you use the same techniques with everyone you come in contact with or do you flex your style depending on the situation? When influencing others, do you focus on getting to the heart of an issue or do you tend to discuss the big picture first, before getting into the details? Are you highly empathetic or do you focus on maintaining emotional detachment? Do you use your force of will to move people to activity or do you assist others with their goals?


There is no one right way to influence others, yet it is important to understand the pros and cons of your natural tendencies. As a leader, it’s important to understand your habit patterns so you can more effectively influence others in a way that will enable you (and them) to thrive. 

This month, several of our Leadership Vistas members participated in an online assessment to determine their “Style of Influence”.  What a learning experience that was! The Style of Influence assessment helped them understand their unique influencing characteristics -- those characteristics that we use most often when we engage and influence others. 


If you are not fully aware of your influencing tendencies and strengths, I encourage you to take stock. Understanding your Style of Influence will enable you and your team to work more effectively together. By knowing your influencing strengths and gaps, you will be better able to leverage key people on your team who can complement your Style of influence so that you will both be more effective and engaging leaders.


If you'd like to learn more about becoming a more engaging and impactful leader, or about your own "Style of Influence", attend one of our upcoming Leadership Vistas meetings.  We have tracks specifically designed for managers and professionals at each step on the career ladder. The Leadership Vistas guest registration page for Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley can be accessed at: vista guest registration.


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