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March 2013
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Now that 2013 is well underway, are you still making progress on those New Years commitments you made to yourself? Have you already achieved some of the goals you established, like losing weight or spending more quality time with your family?  Can you even remember the resolutions you made?

For me, 2013 has brought about not only a new year but a whole new life, and I am grateful for the opportunity. After winning his battle with breast cancer in 2012, my husband retired (for the second time) in January. The challenge we went through together last year was a real wake up call to both of us. It’s a shame it can take such a shocking experience to finally realize that we must enjoy each day to the fullest NOW…no more waiting for “someday.” Be the YOU that you want to become TODAY. Just do it.

My resolution this year is to live my life with no regrets. So I am now on a journey of new beginnings and I hope you will join me on the journey of really living the life you want to live. In the coming months, I will share my journey with you and I hope that you will share your journey with us. Stay tuned to hear the first chapter of my journey in our next edition of The Risers Edge. I look forward to hearing from you, too.

Heartfelt best wishes,

Deb Boelkes
CEO, Business World Rising and
President, Business Women Rising

Upcoming Events

Grande Vista Meetings:

Thursday, April 4th, 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Marcia Haber

“Every Decision Counts! Ethical Decision-Making for Less Stress and More Profits.”

Learn a simple step-by-step framework for ethical decision-making to promote your brand and achieve profitable outcomes.

Thursday, May 2nd, 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Charles Biderman

"Practices of Success"

Learn life-changing practices for success and long term financial abundance. The key practice you will master is to become capable of  "being totally engaged and fully present in those areas of life that are important, specifically money, and particularly when you do not want to be."


Stella Vista Meetings:

Thursday, April 11th, 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM PST

Victoria Mouroulis

“Challenging Conversations”

Thursday May 9th, 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM PST


Summer Vista Exchange

Thursday, July 11th, 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM PST

Mark your calendars for our Summer Vista Exchange. This year’s theme, “Heartfelt Leadership” with special guest Dr. Mark Goulston. More details to come!

Upcoming Webinars

Tuesday, March 26th, 9:00 - 10:00 AM PST

Hosted by, Business World Rising will participate in the “Women in Environmental Safety and Health Series” with a webinar facilitated by Cheryl Archer and Rosa Carrillo, “Influencing for Infinite-Win® Results.”

To register now click on: t=/contentManager/onStory&StoryID=1355414626128


Tuesday, May 14th, 8:00 - 9:00 AM

The Business Women Rising Institute is pleased to present its second free webinar on the topic of Leadership Strengths that women bring to the field of safety, health and environment.

Session 2: Leadership Tools for Women in EHS—Listening and “Managing Difficult People”

To register now click on:

Heartfelt Leadership

Heartfelt – when you feel something so completely, warmly and deeply from your soul that it informs your beliefs, thinking, actions and how you live in the world.

Leadership – the process of influence in which one person enlists the support of others to accomplish an objective.

Amazingly, when Heartfelt Leadership Co-Founders, Dr. Mark Goulston and Deb Boelkes, first got together in the Spring of 2012 to discuss what they thought the business world needed most, they found these two words, Heartfelt and Leadership, had never been put together as a web domain, book title or community. They realized it was time to do something about it.

The intent of our newly created website,, and the focus of our Heartfelt Leadership books and programs is to recognize, enable and embolden heartfelt leaders in business and beyond by documenting their stories about who they are grateful to and the values they have tried to pay forward in their companies and lives. The philosophy of Heartfelt Leadership is now a core foundation of our Leadership Vistas program. Please join our Heartfelt Leadership group on LinkedIn at Leadership-4724359?gid=4724359

If you know someone who you would like to have recognized as a Heartfelt Leader, please let us know about them at


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