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November 2012
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Fall is firmly underway. For leaders, it’s time to move confidently ahead. Now is the perfect time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished in 2012, focus on achieving those still important, yet unaccomplished goals you set out for yourself for this year, and look forward to accomplishing even loftier goals next year. Why wait until the New Year to do this? You’ll be more successful next year if you start taking appropriate actions NOW.

Speaking for myself, 2012 has been a year of tremendous challenge, self-reflection and accelerated personal and professional growth. Why? Because last year ended in a way I never anticipated. The day after our Winter Vista Exchange last December, my husband was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.  It’s extremely rare for men to have breast cancer, but it does happen. When such things happen, good leaders quickly take stock of what’s most important and they focus on the top priorities. Needless to say, my road map for 2012 immediately changed dramatically from what I had planned.
I’m so very grateful and extremely happy to say that my husband came through a mastectomy and regimes of chemotherapy and radiation with an excellent prognosis. It wasn’t easy for either of us to get to where we are now, but we did it as a team, together every step of the way with a common goal and a shared vision. We now have an even stronger commitment to and appreciation for each other as a result.
I think I’ve come through this as a better leader, too. I now better understand the kind of earth shattering experiences others have faced, are facing now, and will face in the future. I know better now what to say, what to ask and what to do to help ease the burden. I now know these things because my husband and I were so very lucky to have such wonderful people around us, to carry us through when we needed it most. My most heartfelt appreciation and sincerest gratitude goes to all of you who were there for us, who helped us come through as better people. You know who you are, and I will love each one of you forever for what you did and continue to do for us. I pray that I will be as supportive and strong when you and others need it next.
Now it’s time to move forward. Together with my Business World Rising team, we are making big, bold plans for 2013. I hope you do the same. And know that you are not alone in this. We are a team, you and I. Together we will achieve our visions of success. Here’s to moving confidently ahead.
Heartfelt best wishes,

Deb Boelkes
CEO, Business World Rising and
President, Business Women Rising

Newest Additions to Business World Rising!

Victoria Mouroulis is Managing Director of our Bella Vista and Monte Vista programs.  Victoria has run high tech sales organizations for years, she has been running two restaurants for the past few years and is also the President of the Placentia Chamber of Commerce.



Erik Sprotte is Managing Director of Connected Strategy, consulting on employee engagement, transforming HR and business strategy. Erik will be supporting our business development efforts.

Congratulations to Grande Vista Member Caryn Siebert!

Caryn is President of Carl Warren & Company, a prominent third party claims and litigation management company named 2012-13 CA / Western States ESOP Company of the Year. The firm is a leading outsourced service provider to insurers, public agencies and corporate clients.

2012 Winter Vista Exchange

Our 2012 Winter Vista Exchange is fast approaching! Please plan to join us on Thursday, December 6th, from 8:00 AM to 3:30PM at Gallup Corporation in Irvine. The theme of this year’s Winter Vista Exchange is Finding and Fulfilling Your Destiny. Lunch and parking will be provided.

We have an amazing line-up of expert speakers who will lead us through a transformational journey to find and fulfill our own personal destinies. Our speakers will include:

  • Mark Goulston, MD - Best-selling author and former FBI hostage negotiation trainer on 'Why should I promote you? Negotiating your Destiny'
  • Jim McComb - Fortune 100 executive, certified Strategic Management Professional (SMP), certified Life Coach and author of Undiscovered Horizons: Finding and Fulfilling Your Personal Destiny
  • Eileen Padberg - Public affairs and strategic planning consultant on 'Fulfilling Your Destiny Just Takes Confidence'
  • Alex Quade - Freelance War Reporter who has worked for FOX & CNN and is the 2012 recipient of the Edward R. Morrow Journalism Award for her short film, Horse Soldiers of 9/11

Tickets for non-member guests will be available for $100 until November 15th or until seating is sold-out, whichever occurs first. Non-members who are interested in exploring the Leadership Vistas program may register to purchase tickets for the Winter Vista exchange at:    

When registering to purchase tickets, please enter "Riser's Edge" as name as the Name of Referring Party and select “December” as the Preferred Attendance Date. We will confirm with you directly if seats are still available. Guest tickets are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.

BWR Events Calendar

We have established an events calendar and it is now LIVE. This calendar can be viewed on the BWR website under the Events tab ( and has replaced the blog-style Events pages we used to have. Be sure to check in for upcoming events that you won't want to miss!


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