Strategic Leadership Development


Focused on building stronger, more innovative and effective mid- and senior-level leaders throughout your organization.

Mastering the Art of Infinite-Win Leadership™ - a customizable 1 to 3 day session

Most everyone wants better outcomes at work and few of us need to be told that where we are today will not get better until something dramatically different is done. If you believe that something much better is possible for you and for others within and beyond your organization, this leadership workshop is for you.

This workshop prepares emerging and seasoned leaders to skillfully employ practical solutions to overcome a host of unhelpful “standard practices” where you work and live. Participants will gain skills to create and sustain conditions for improved outcomes for yourself and for others across your organization. You will learn to define and implement Infinite-Win strategies to build more trust, create more positive energy, increase engagement and harness the passion that for too long as been left untapped within yourself, your peers and your subordinates, and even within your superiors and other stakeholders. Uncover your own “best leader” and leverage the aspirations and talents of others to achieve unprecedented results. Topics include:

  • Unhelpful “standard practices”
  • Exposing conventional weapons
  • Toxic coworkers – Are YOU one of them?
  • Completion, incompletion and interception strategies
  • Harnessing the courage the change
  • Infinite-Win attitudes and mindsets
  • Infinite-Win behaviors, skills and tools
  • Embed strategies
  • Outcome strategies
  • Reality can change

Change Initiatives that Work - a customizable one-day session

Has your organization tried implementing change before, without success? 80% of failures can be traced to a few common mistakes. Learn how to avoid the common obstacles that stand between your organization and successful change. Topics include:

  • The intent of change initiatives
  • Common change initiative mistakes
  • How to overcome common change initiative mistakes
  • Developing a winning leadership mindset
  • Performing in new ways

Creating Healthy Boundaries – this ½ day session covers:

We often experience meetings, projects, and organizations that go awry. Too often, the causes are due to power struggles, enmeshment, triangulation, group think, and many other dysfunctional behaviors. Yet with healthy boundaries, many of these behaviors can be halted so better interactions are experienced, and results can be achieved. This session delivers many ah-ha moments and a new meaning for creating healthier boundaries for yourself. Participants can shift their thinking and take away new approaches to help create healthier interactions in any kind of relationship.

  • What are boundaries and why do we have them?
  • Ways you strengthen or weaken your boundaries
  • The value of healthy boundaries
  • Enmeshment, Triangulation and Power Struggles vs. Boundaries
  • Functional and dysfunctional behaviors
  • The cultural impact and reasons for setting boundaries

Fear Erodes Profit – this ½ day session covers:

Fears! We experience hundreds of them: fear of change, failure, speaking up, losing a job, making mistakes, etc. Fears run rampant in our lives and in organizations. They impact:

  • individuals’ learning and development, engagement, sharing and communication;
  • healthy, collaborative, productive, creative, customer focused work cultures.

Fear impacts the bottom line! Yet few executives link fear in their organization to the erosion of productivity and profits. In this session, participants will become aware of the more than 100 kinds of fear and the debilitating impact fear has on individuals and the organization and its success. We will help leaders discover the dysfunctional behaviors and common practices that people have accepted, but that create internal competition and devastating effects. Attendees will learn what to do instead and the methods to reduce fear and build trust, care, respect, and wisdom.

  • Identification of fears that impact people, productivity, and profits
  • The impact of fears on individuals
  • The impact of fears on the organization
  • The link from a fearful environment to the bottom line
  • Insights on how to reduce fear for cultural and financial improvements

Finance and Strategy – A Mini MBA - A series of ten ½-day workshops

Senior Managers and Directors come from many technical backgrounds, and many have very little business training. Our customized “Mini MBA” uses Harvard business cases to develop strategy, business acumen, and financial skills necessary for effective planning and leadership in the top ranks. In this highly interactive series of workshops, we hand-pick Harvard cases relevant to the participants and guide them through problem solving and strategic planning. Sessions include:

  • Selected Harvard cases and preparation materials
  • Discussion session with solution presentations
  • Guided discussion on how each case relates to the participant’s company
  • Group exercises to develop team problem solving capabilities

How To Make Better Decisions –½ day session

On a daily basis, we are challenged with making complex decisions. Some are based on facts while others are made with emotion, intuition, or “from the gut.” In this session participants will explore what kind of thinking, tools, processes, and behaviors help us make our decisions. We’ll explore what other options we have to make wise decisions. Attendees will leave with a new awareness and appreciation for decision-making.  Topics include:

  • Exploring current examples of common decision making methods
  • The barriers to good decisions
  • Understanding and overcoming resistance to change
  • Overcoming “group-think”
  • The concepts and methods for better decisions
  • Building a culture for great decisions

Innovation in Leadership – customizable 1 to 2-day session

Leading is a process and we continually need to be improving our leadership. Beyond that we need to be game changers and break from the mold and innovate—that means also innovating how we lead, think and interact. This session is designed to entice participants to catapult their current leadership to a new level. They will leave with the thinking strategies to innovate for better leadership effectiveness. Topics include:

  • Defining innovation
  • Creating a culture for innovation
  • Innovation methods
  • An assessment of useful, relevant leadership thinking
  • The foundation of leadership thinking for rapid progress
  • Innovation in leadership effectiveness
  • Strategic, systems thinking and accelerated implementation
  • Commitment to learning and questioning the status quo
  • Establishing an environment that supports leadership innovation

Leadership Styles – this ½ day session covers:

There are numerous styles of leadership we use from charismatic to autocratic to coaching. Each of us have a dominant style, yet great leaders can use a large variety of styles. The key is to understand the various styles and know how and when to use them appropriately so they will be the most effective. In this session, attendees will examine their own dominant style and a new awareness about using different styles to have a greater impact and influence.

  • Identifying the various leadership styles and their traits
  • Scenarios for understanding the value of various styles
  • The impact of the various styles on the culture and the business
  • Identifying your “autopilot” style
  • How, when and why to shift from one dominant style to others

Strategic Thinking & Planning – this highly customizable ½ to 2 day session covers:

For too many years, executives participate in Strategic Planning retreats and produce plans that go into binders and collect dust on bookshelves. Rarely are they implemented. Goals, objectives, gap analysis, buzzwords, and SWOT are all traditional tools used. But if leaders want to transform and ensure sustainable health for their organization, Strategic Thinking and Planning will be used with a theoretical foundation of leadership. Participants will learn innovative leadership models for planning and learn the differences between what has been and what can be. They will leave with a new framework and questions for adaptive planning and a critical Strategic Tool to guide the implementation for significantly better planning.

  • Awareness of traditional strategic planning models that do not necessarily work
  • Innovative thinking and planning models for Strategic Planning
  • The Strategic Compass Tool
  • Critical questions and a new framework for adaptive plans for implementation

Survival Is Optional – this highly customizable ½ to 2 day session covers:

Over recent decades, many executives’ thinking has led to the adoption of “best practices” yet many are actually “bad practices” that harm people, productivity, and destroy organizations-- slowly or quickly. People work hard and put in their best efforts. How’s that working for us? This session is designed to look at harmful fads managers need to stop and new thinking they can adopt to survive and lead a viable organization into the future. We’ll examine questions leaders need to explore: How can leaders anticipate and not be blind-sided? There is no substitute for knowledge. But how do leaders know what they do not know? What do leaders need to know- -to ensure an organization, community, or society will be healthy and sustainable for the long term? Survival is optional. Will you be a survivor, or are you declining? Participants in this very thought-provoking session will leave with new principles and approaches to apply.

  • The thinking and mindsets that lead an organization to success or failure
  • Identify the “best practices” and management fads that can destroy companies
  • Identify the strategic business areas that require focus so a business will thrive
  • How to link the vision to corporate and departmental goals to accelerate the rate of success
  • Why and how to shift from an environment of chaos and complexity to creativity and collaboration

Vision Casting - a customizable ½ day session.

An important component of every business is a strategic vision. Vision casting is a process that allows an organization to consider and assess the environment and qualitative issues it faces to sustain its success. Strategic visions are used to engage and motivate employees across all levels of an organization. Topics include:

  • The importance of the vision
  • Why employees need a bigger picture
  • Developing your vision
  • Communicating the vision
  • Who to include
  • Generating enthusiasm

New Executive School - Combines the following seminars into a 2 week session, meeting 2½ days per week (or meet 10 half-days over a longer period)

New Executive School is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the following topics that will help them become more effective and valuable executives:

  • Appreciative leadership
  • The art of negotiating and influencing
  • Developing your own mentoring environment
  • Creating an inclusive environment
  • Engaging and retaining top talent
  • Understanding how technology changes can impact revenue
  • Change initiatives that work

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