The Summit Program


Companies that concentrate on high potential candidates consistently emerge with better mid- level executives who can manage a larger span of control. The Summit - Performance Excellence Program, delivered through our Alliance with, Performex™ LLC, is a year long process that takes high potential leaders to the next level of superior management.

Through active participation in this year-long series of awareness building and performance planning workshops and consultations, program participants learn to maximize strengths, improve challenge areas and apply new insights and skills on the job.

Initial 360-survey

The year long journey through the Summit program starts with a 360-survey that results in candid feedback from peers, co-workers and supervising managers, setting the stage for the initial three- day Embarkation Workshop.

3-Day Embarkation Workshop

This dynamic baseline workshop engages an open exchange of ideas, tools and techniques with the business experiences of up to 11 other participants, who like you, want to be more effective in their business environment. With your Summit workshop facilitator, you'll work both as an individual and as part of team to explore different aspects of job responsibilities and leverage the skills, tools and techniques needed to improve your on-the-job performance.

Progress Coaching and Consultations

Throughout the next twelve months, following the three-day Embarkation Workshop, you will have routine check-up calls with your Summit coach, who will discuss your progress and provide support.

Shortly following the Embarkation Workshop, you will discuss the information learned during the workshop with your supervising manager to ensure your personal action plans are aligned with workplace expectations. Your Summit coach will be present via web-cam or phone. You will proceed to routinely review and enhance your action plan for on-the-job implementation.

Then, in preparation for the Mid-Journey workshop, with the support and guidance of your Summit coach, you will consult with your supervising manager for feedback on progress toward your goals.

1-Day Mid-Journey Workshop

Two to three months into your Summit journey, you will take part in a comprehensive one-day Mid-Journey workshop that will focus on effective communication styles for improving teamwork. During this workshop you will review your goals, track your progress using feedback from your supervising manager, and fine tune your personal action plan.

Optional Focused Progress Coaching

As an added option, you may elect to receive more frequent, focused coaching from your Summit Coach, who can help you routinely monitor your autopilot behaviors, analyze real-time anonymous feedback, refine goals as you prepare for the final Summit Point re-survey.

Summit Point Re-Survey

At the end of 12 months, another confidential 360-survey will be conducted. You’ll be presented with the feedback from your now current peers, co-workers, direct reports, supervising manager and others, and you will prepare your own assessment of their feedback and prepare new goals and commitments to present you supervising manager.

Summit Point Consultation

Guided by your Summit Coach, you will discuss the re-survey results with your supervising manager, comparing the initial survey and final re-survey results - proof that the Summit Performance Excellence Program works.

Ongoing Support

You can rest assured that after the conclusion of the Summit program, you will always have the caring guidance of Business World Rising coaches, trainers and facilitators there by your side with our One:One Executive Coaching, Leadership Vistas mentoring forums, and BW Rising Institute leadership & management development workshops, to support your ongoing journey to leadership excellence.

And of course, when you are poised to move into the executive suite, you’ll want to be sure to participate in the Pinnacle Performance Excellence Program, to further refine and sharpen your executive skills, as you take your career to the top!


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