Team Development


Focused on developing the competencies needed to build highly effective teams that thrive.

The following training is delivered via a series of short modules that are one and two hours in length. There are no PowerPoint lectures. Exercises in each module are fun, active and involving. Team members learn by continually connecting theory to practice, while exploring big ideas and committing to action plans in a face-to-face dialog.


Level 1: Set up for Success

  • Getting Grounded in Team Basics
    • Whether you are a new team or an existing one, this module will lead you to valuable insights about team structure, characteristics and growth.
  • Creating Team Operating Guidelines
    • Once defined, your operating guidelines hold surprising power for the team and become a template for assessing your own performance
  • Establishing Team Goals, Objectives and Values
    • This module will help to clarify alignment and action for your team and define your team's purpose and goals.
  • Clarifying Team Roles
    • Your team will go through a facilitated process that leads to more clarity about team roles, reduces conflict and leads to higher performance.
  • Building on Style Differences
    • Turn team differences into a source of innovation and improved performance
  • Assessing the Team
    • Each team member will assess the team on a broad number of dimensions and the results will give you a comprehensive picture of your team's health


Level 2: Go Team!

  • Enhancing Team Communications
    • Improve team efficiency by learning to communicate better, increase team capability for advocacy and inquiry, and communication will become a source of learning, transformation and innovation
  • Running Effective Team Meetings
    • Learn how to make meetings become a place where real work gets done instead of a place of disagreement and lost time
  • Making Team Decisions
    • By working through an actual decision that your team faces, team members will encounter a repeatable process for making decisions that includes key considerations before, during and after the actual decision.
  • Avoiding Group Think
    • Equip your team with the tools to avoid "group think".
  • Solving Team Issues I
    • Your team will deal with an actual conflict and through the process, will learn to turn daily conflict into a force to drive innovation.
  • Solving Team Issues II
    • Team members will encounter a disciplined and repeatable process for resolving issues and moving forward.


Level 3: See You At The Top

  • Building Team Trust
    • Your team will create its own model of trust and identify behaviors that kill trust and those that enhance trust and leave with a plan of action for increasing team trust.
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
    • Feedback is necessary to team culture, processes, tasks and relationships. Team members will share feedback with each other and build valuable skills they can use in the workplace.
  • Sharing Leadership
    • This fun, highly interactive module gives each team member a plan for developing their own unique leadership style.
  • Sparking Team Creativity
    • Creativity is a discipline and process that any team can exercise at any time. In this module your team will learn to use this technique any time time it needs to generate new opportunities and new ways of thinking.
  • Managing Change
    • Your team will practice a multi-lens approach to confronting a real world change and will deal with their own reactions to change, analyze the nature of change and develop a plan of action for managing change.
  • Leveraging Team Learning
    • Learning is very much a team activity. In this module team members will think about their learning styles and learn to coordinate them for powerful and ongoing learning.

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