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 The WOW Factor Workplace

Many workers can be tempted to leave their current positions when offered alluring promises of a brilliant opportunity in a new organization. Yet most are surprised to discover, only after joining the new team, that what they expected to find is not the reality. Instead, sooner or later they find mediocrity prevails and bullying bosses are the norm; employees do the minimum to get by and collect a paycheck; performance is stagnant and financials are flat, maybe even in decline. What seemed so exciting during the interview process, or perhaps so attractively portrayed by the press, in glitzy ad campaigns, or on social media, turns out to be a myth. What can be done to magically transform an uninspired operation into a best place to work?  

The WOW Factor Workplace is an easy and enjoyable read, chock full of candid interviews, interesting stories of career ladder climbs, proven tips, and invaluable lessons-learned by the author and a cadre of successful executives from across Corporate America, the military and beyond … lauded as most-beloved leaders … leaders who helped create and nurture award-winning workplaces that have the WOW factor.  Emerging leaders will readily connect with the shockingly honest retrospective accounts of the personal trials and tribulations of these noted leaders’ rise through the ranks.  Managers looking to catapult their careers will find an abundance of vitally important insights and highly useful actions steps that will help them create a best place to work culture … and make organizational success a reality … wherever they are right now. 

“A WOW factor workplace has an inviting and energizing culture, esprit de corps, and tremendous employee and customer loyalty. When combined, they deliver a consistently positive impact on the bottom line ….The fact is, you are likely to find a WOW factor workplace just about anywhere, in any industry, in any region….The good news is, while few people seem to understand the magic required to create one, even YOU can do it.”
— Deb Boelkes, The WOW Factor Workplace
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Heartfelt Leadership

Heartfelt Leadership book

Do you and your team members bring out the best in each other? Would your team volunteer to work with you for no pay if they had some way to pay their bills? If the answer is not a resounding “Yes!” to both questions, you’re not likely destined for the C-suite in a “Best Place to Work”.  But don’t despair. If you’ve ever said to yourself, “there has got to be a better way”, the good news is, there is!

Heartfelt Leadership is a must-read for MBAs, millennials and anyone aspiring to the top of the ladder. In it, Deb Boelkes and Dr. Mark Goulston explore and explain what it takes to inspire, create and lead a "Best Place to Work" organization, the kind of environment where people feel appreciated and respected; where everyone gives their best efforts; where amazing results are consistently achieved; and where hardly anyone would want to leave.  

An insightfully uplifting read, this book is brimming with wide-ranging conversations with a dozen role model heartfelt leaders from business and the military, leaders who throughout their careers have been so passionate about their missions and their teams, some even did volunteer to work for no pay. You’ll hear their perspectives on how and why the caring style of leadership they practice is not only good for business, it’s the very best way to lead for anyone who wants to attain astonishingly magnificent outcomes. Best of all, not only will you find real usable insights and action steps on how to become the kind of inspiring leader everyone wants to work for, you’ll discover sure-fire formulas for putting your career and your organization on the fast track to success.

Heartfelt leaders come from all walks of life. They are as likely to have had bad role models as good ones. Each has their own unique personal style. They can be found in just about any industry, in any size company, and at any level on the organization chart. The one common trait they all seem to share is the earlier in life they became heartfelt leaders, the faster they and their organizations achieved insane WOW factor success.
— Deb Boelkes, Heartfelt Leadership

Available Spring 2020