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Speaking Engagements

Popular topics for Deb’s speaking engagements and customer comments from previous engagements.

What we need is inspiration. Deb gives you that and more…
So kind, so gracious and such an engaging speaker”
Mia Yamamoto, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I honestly haven’t met anyone with her kind of vibrant aura in a very long time”
Lillian D. Nguyen, Program Manager, Spectrum Knowledge

“The turnout speaks volumes about her commitment to helping leaders change the world!”
Deirdre Cuffie, Executive Assistant
Squar, Milner, Peterson, Miranda & Williamson, LLP

Deb’s Most Popular Speaking Topics

Deb works closely with each client to tailor every address for each event and audience.

Raise Your Best-ever Boss Factor

Soft skills can sometimes be the hardest to grasp, but they’re the most vital to master to unlock potential, expand the possibilities and achieve best-in-class results.

Have you ever had a sullen, toxic, or self-absorbed boss you couldn’t wait to get out from under?  Have you ever been so motivated, energized, and inspired that you rose to every occasion, gave your best efforts and became more, in that role, than you ever dreamed possible?  Which of these scenarios most closely reflect how your own team members define working with you?

Drawing on her own leadership experience, years of coaching and mentoring clients, and interviews with some of America’s best-ever bosses, Deb will get to the heart of what it takes to fuel passion, engagement, collaboration and fulfillment for every individual on the team. She will explain how the art of being a best-ever boss, the kind of leader whose teams enthusiastically deliver WOW results, is not a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter exercise. In an era of near-full employment, it’s more important than ever to equip leaders at all levels with the self-awareness mastery and people-centric ingenuity needed to attract, develop and retain tomorrow’s top talent. 

• Counter learned and fear-based bias toward management-by-numbers

• Rethink “yes, but” consciousness

• Tap in to your inner vision of charismatic leadership

• Define stretch goals that move you toward that vision

• Convey organizational vision in ways that maximize alignment and commitment

• Set high expectations and hold yourself accountable

• Foster a mindset of living larger and help others do the same

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