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Speaking Engagements

Popular topics for Deb’s speaking engagements and customer comments from previous engagements.

What we need is inspiration. Deb gives you that and more…
So kind, so gracious and such an engaging speaker”
Mia Yamamoto, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I honestly haven’t met anyone with her kind of vibrant aura in a very long time”
Lillian D. Nguyen, Program Manager, Spectrum Knowledge

“The turnout speaks volumes about her commitment to helping leaders change the world!”
Deirdre Cuffie, Executive Assistant
Squar, Milner, Peterson, Miranda & Williamson, LLP

Deb’s Most Popular Speaking Topics

Deb works closely with each client to tailor every address for each event and audience.

Raise Your Culture’s WOW Factor

What is your workplace culture like? Is it exhilarating and fun or is it toxic?   You CAN change the culture of teams and companies to create a best place to work.  

When you hear the words “amazing!”, “astonishing!” or “unbelievable!” what do you think of? Does the image of your workplace come to mind? If not, chances are you and your teams are missing out on the huge advantages “best place to work” organizations capitalize on daily.  

Imagine if every time the top talent you were seeking to attract came into your company and went “WOW!” Imagine if whenever one of your employees was asked by a friend, “What’s it like to work at your company?” your employee replied “This is the best place I’ve ever worked!” Of course, the friend might ask, “Are you hiring?”

In this signature keynote, Deb will draw on her own career experience, candid interviews with award-winning “Best Place to Work” leaders, and lessons-learned from their own moms and dads to impart practical and insightful strategies, proven to work for leaders at any level, to create the kind of WOW environment the best and most talented people will be eager to join and feel blessed to belong. Get ready … this message could have a game-changing impact on your employees, your customers and your bottom line.

• Assess where you are and what you love

• Focus on the future

• Define a “take their breath away” vision

• Put employees at the forefront

• Align what they love and need

• Counter concerns of inadequacy by addressing deficiencies

• Step into a new version of your best-self each day

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