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Speaking Engagements

Popular topics for Deb’s speaking engagements and customer comments from previous engagements.

What we need is inspiration. Deb gives you that and more…
So kind, so gracious and such an engaging speaker”
Mia Yamamoto, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I honestly haven’t met anyone with her kind of vibrant aura in a very long time”
Lillian D. Nguyen, Program Manager, Spectrum Knowledge

“The turnout speaks volumes about her commitment to helping leaders change the world!”
Deirdre Cuffie, Executive Assistant
Squar, Milner, Peterson, Miranda & Williamson, LLP

Deb’s Most Popular Speaking Topics

Deb works closely with each client to tailor every address for each event and audience.

Raise Your Trust Coefficient

Dare to trust your people and instill lasting confidence with your brand.

Command and control, my-way-or-the-highway style management simply doesn’t work anymore, assuming it ever did. While it may get you a quick victory, such methods rarely lead to lasting success or growth. From an outsider’s perspective, if your industry gave awards for the most trustworthy provider, what are the odds your organization would win?

Trust is the glue that makes the world go ‘round. It’s key to real and lasting employee engagement, customer loyalty, and an enduring culture. In this practical and insightful discussion, Deb will get to the heart of what it takes to build a trusting, caring environment where people feel they belong, give their best efforts and produce more valuable outcomes for all stakeholders.

• The multi-way street

• Fear, risk and holding hands

• Give before getting

• The art of being there

• Commitment and follow-through

• Is indispensability such a good thing?

• How pay and promotion factor in

• Some things just can’t be automated

• What happens when things go wrong?

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