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Speaking Engagements

Popular topics for Deb’s speaking engagements and customer comments from previous engagements.

What we need is inspiration. Deb gives you that and more…
So kind, so gracious and such an engaging speaker”
Mia Yamamoto, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I honestly haven’t met anyone with her kind of vibrant aura in a very long time”
Lillian D. Nguyen, Program Manager, Spectrum Knowledge

“The turnout speaks volumes about her commitment to helping leaders change the world!”
Deirdre Cuffie, Executive Assistant
Squar, Milner, Peterson, Miranda & Williamson, LLP

Deb’s Most Popular Speaking Topics

Deb works closely with each client to tailor every address for each event and audience.

Raise Your Women Rising Factor

Have it all, do it all, be it all: The fun and unflappable female art of leading the way.

Studies have shown the innate abilities of women leaders can be an organization’s greatest competitive advantage both during and after a crisis.  Yet, while business women hold more than half of all management and professional positions in America, they lag substantially behind men in terms of representation within the senior-most ranks. It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s up to women to not only go self-assuredly after promotional opportunities when they arise, they should create them!

Deb will draw on her own successful leadership experience acquired over 30 years competing, collaborating, innovating, and many times saving the day in heavily male-dominated environments. In this signature keynote address, Deb will inspire, enlighten, and empower her audience by clarifying what it takes for women leaders to rise to their fullest potential and organizations to capitalize on the full value of diversity.

• How women undermine themselves and each other

• No holds barred success

• Perception is reality

• Nix the education crutch

• Know where the real power lies

• Potential and performance

• Don’t just manage, lead from the front

• The power of mentors, sponsors and sisterhood

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